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My Motivation Insights work with specially selected facilitators. Our services rest on two main pillars. First of all, the scientific basis. The colour profile central to all of our business modules, arose from the further development of Graves’ theories. So no woolly fuss or assumptions, but a scientifically founded and validated blueprint by the University of Amsterdam of each individual’s insights and motivations.

Our certified facilitators are the all important extension of the modules that My Motivation Insights has developed on this scientific basis. One by one, people having a vast knowledge of the facts. A prerequisite. Each with his or her own specialities. If My Motivation Insights receives an order, we will ensure the best possible match between the company and the facilitator.

Interested in becoming a facilitator? Please contact us and we will make an appointment for an introductory interview. If it clicks on both sides, a colourful co-operation awaits…

Becoming a facilitator

After the intake interview, you will be optimally prepared. Spread over a number of weeks, you will follow an intensive training to teach you the ins and outs of both the theories and the colours. If you have completed the training successfully, you will be ready to understand and analyse individual and team profiles.

In addition to the theoretical part, we also train you to make a targeted transition to practice. We teach you to make connections, to give a clear feedback and, where necessary, to further support the process.

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Our facilitators