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‘Everyone is different’’

A cliché that we can do little with. It sounds like something that you just have to admit to. But what if you can make that difference transparent? That it is made clear why people react differently. And more importantly: how to use that knowledge to make your life a whole lot easier. That is exactly what you can expect from the colorful insights of My Motivation Insights.

A plan of your inner self

Your motivations are revealed by means of seven colors. This provides guaranteed insights about yourself that you can use immediately. It is made clear what gives and costs you energy. Why you have a click with someone. Or you haven't. You also learn to understand why people from your surroundings react the way they do and why their reaction sometimes gets in the way.

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The colors

Colorful experiences

I use the colour test a lot in coaching and team building. I show someone his or her profile. What are the strong points and what are the pitfalls?

Goof van Amelsvoort,

An absolute eye-opener. When I read the explanation of my color profile, immediately all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place. Thanks!

Bianca Aerts, entrepreneur

I got a better understanding of how I act and respond to people's in different circumstances.

Yvonne Verhorst, entrepreneur

... what's in there!

You can learn to communicate!

The surprising insights that your colour profile provides can be used immediately to communicate with your surroundings in a much more efficient and flexible way. Whether it is a love relationship, the relationship with your family, friends and acquaintances, relationships get more value and irritations are reduced. Guaranteed.

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The colors

Insights in half an hour

Your profile - including a clear report with notes and explanations - will be available within half an hour. If you decide that you could use a helping hand here and there in your private life, we will take you by the hand. In four easy steps, you are in possession of a detailed map of your motivations and talents.

4 steps

Tool for personal coaches

Because the specific characteristics of a person in a My Motivation Insights colour profile are highlighted in detail, more and more (personal) coaches make use of our services. The profile is used as the basis for the coaching route. Are you a coach and want to know more? Click here and find out!

Coach page

Translation into music, words and images

It has taken blood, sweat and tears, but we are very proud of our own song, including an amazing video. If you listen to the lyrics, you immediately know why the Personal Profile will also open up a world to you. Right click, watch the clip and let us know what you think!

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News 'n Stuff

The meaning of the colors

The Personal Profile all revolves around seven colors. Each color represents certain motivations, interests and character traits. It is high time we showed you what each colour stands for. Scroll through the colours and read what they stand for. Each slide explains the essential points of each color. Positive and negative...



Want to know more about the colours and how their meaning affects your daily life? Read all about the backgrounds. You can also get in contact with us. We would be pleased to answer your questions.



Explanation of the Personal Color profile

The report resulting from your profile clearly explains what your profile is and what it means in your case. The colors are also clearly and extensively discussed. But before applying for a profile, we can imagine that you would want to know how it works. That is why we explain it in a comprehensive way in this section. And if you still have questions, just contact us!

prof plus


Each color bar in a profile represents a number of motivations. These can have a positive or a negative effect on you. The higher a color rises above the horizontal line, the more important these motivations are for you. Your profile shows at a glance what items offer you the most support. Features and ways of thinking that are most important to you. Environments where you feel most at ease and where you will be shown to advantage. All preconditions to maximize your talents.


prof neg


Motivations that you think less important or you feel an aversion towards, have a negative impact. Your pitfalls. And it is useful to know where they are: below the horizontal black bar. Your profile explains in great detail what motivations are less important to you or to which you take a dislike. Now that you have identified where the pitfalls lie, you can avoid them. Of course, you do not always succeed. But the very fact that you recognize them will save a lot of negativity, wrong choices and conflicts.




Now for the white lines that you see in each bar. These represent the energy balance that you have in that colour. If the line is above the black bar, this motivation supplies your energy. If it is below, it will cost you energy.



Insights in half an hour

The profile of your colourful self is within reach. In four simple steps you receive your profile directly in your mailbox. Including a report with notes and explanations.

  • Click on the eye and ask for your profile. This is also possible here.
  • Answer the questions. Remember that there is no 'right' or 'wrong'. It is not a test.
  • After answering the questions, you immediately have your profile - with report - in your mailbox.
  • And if you still have questions? Mail or call the My Motivation Insights team!

We cannot emphasize it enough: it is very important that you really answer the questions according to how you feel. Not according to how you think. It is about you. Only then will you get a precise map of what is important to you and you can really use the clear tools that are provided.

Tool for Personal Coaches

The Personal Profile is widely used by personal coaches. On the basis of the profile, a coach can immediately bring the strengths and pitfalls to the surface. What coaching route best suits him or her is then examined. What pitfalls can be made manageable and how the strong points can optimally be made to flourish. Recognize, acknowledge and utilize. Using the My Motivation Insights Personal Profile, you can immediately address the essential points and you can start immediately.

Of course, there are plenty of other color profiles and tests. It is a bit strange to say that our validated profile best touches your inner self. That is why we have one of the Personal Coaches do this who works with our profiles:

"I have been working with color profiles since 2001. At first, I used colour profiles from another company. The deciding factor for me to switch to My Motivation Insights, was the conclusion of a person who had placed the two color profiles next to each other. He told me that one color profile indicated how he really was and the My Motivation Insights color profile showed how he really felt. I want to measure the motivations. I want to know who someone really is. Only then can you really help someone further." Goof van Amelsvoort -

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Latest news, media and other facts

It is about time for a color-conscious world. This would avoid a lot of unnecessary conflicts. At micro and macro levels. As a result, we are busy with a lot of fun, original and new initiatives to bring the Personal Profile to people's attention. Come back to this page soon and you will be one of the first to know!