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My Motivation Insights shows that both a personal approach and an Internet-related service can perfectly go hand in hand. Every day again, we are happy about the feedback from our customers. Our color profiles work. Therefore, every day we are ready to work with you with great enthusiasm…

If you know little about color profiles, we can imagine that you do not immediately see the added value of the application forms. Therefore, we have composed the frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

When do I choose a Personal Profile?

If you want to be a little bit stronger in your private life. You learn to assess situations better and to understand your surroundings better. We also see more and more sports teams use our Personal Profile. Because you get to know and understand each other’s characters in an informal and fun way. Both on and off the field, this leads to a lot less irritation and conflict.

What does my Personal Profile do for me?

Your Personal Color profile teaches you why you react in your private life as you do. Moreover, you get an insight into why someone else has a whole different perception at something and why it affects you. Whether it concerns family, your friends or relations, the report that you receive gives tools to deal better with situations that you find difficult. An excellent tool to develop yourself further.

Why a Personal Profile strengthens relations?

The keyword: understanding. If someone reacts differently from what you had expected or hoped, it need not necessarily be wrong of that person. If you understand the basis of that reaction, you learn to understand each other better. The knowledge you acquire, can also be further transferred and will give others a better understanding of you and themselves. The number of conflict situations will decrease dramatically.

I am a Personal Coach. Can I professionally use the Personal Profile?

Many coaches use our Personal Color profile. Often as the basis of a coaching route. It is a tool that allows direct insight into what motivates someone and why. An appropriate route can be mapped faster and more effectively.

Is a Personal Profile reliable?

The Personal Color profile of My Motivation Insights is scientifically validated. Graves’ theories form the basis. Years of research and development have resulted in our color profiles. We started using them in a commercial way only from the moment our tool was validated by the University of Amsterdam. So no woolly fuss, but rather with solid scientific evidence.

Why is the Business Profile interesting for me personally?

Your Business Profile provides you with insight into what motivates you, what your talents are and what the pitfalls are. A clear signpost for your career planning. Moreover, you have an advantage when applying for a job, because a color profile is a well-regarded tool for many companies. It gives your introduction that little bit extra that can make a difference…

Why is a Business Profile advantageous for my company?

A Business Profile immediately gives a clear display of individual motivations, talents and pitfalls in the workplace. By comparing the profiles of departments or teams, it becomes clear where any bottlenecks are and how they can be recovered or prevented. The Business Profile as a base opens doors to numerous opportunities to optimize management.

What are the applications?

Using the Business Profile as a base, My Motivation Insights has developed a number of highly effective training modules. Individual, at team level and for the whole company. Look here for a comprehensive overview of the possibilities.

Is my data secure?

Data shared with My Motivation Insights will not be shared with third parties and is stored in a highly secure environment.

How can I become a facilitator?

If you click here, you can read all about how you can become a facilitator and what the benefits are. If you still have questions, you can always email us or call us if you prefer personal contact.

What is the most common application of the Young Adult Profile?

The Young Adult Profile is often used to determine what discipline is best for you and best suits who you are. Where your talents can be fully exploited. This prevents unnecessary wrong choices. This saves valuable time. And money.

Does the Young Adult Profile have further benefits?

You bet. In addition to choosing the correct study, it gives you a large dose of extra self-awareness. This will help you in shaping your life path, in providing support for applications and in helping to avoid pitfalls. Moreover, you will have learned to understand why people around you react in the way they do.

What information do I get from the Young Adult Profile?

The report that you receive with your profile, contains clear links between what motivates you and what impact it has on study, work, social environment and family. An ideal way to develop yourself rapidly.

How can I use my Young Adult Profile when applying for jobs?

A picture is often worth more than a chat. In business, people are normally used to work with color profiles. This will give you a helping hand in defining your qualities and skills and who you are as a person.

At what age can the Young Adult Profile be used?

A Young Adult Profile is validated as of the age of 15.

Why is the Young Adult Profile an interesting tool for educational institutions?

A Young Adult Profile helps educational institutions to guide students effectively and map an educational and/or career direction. It provides a direct and reliable insight into people, talents and pitfalls. This also makes it a highly effective tool for intake interviews.