About your profile and our profile

My Motivation Insights rests on two main pillars. First of all, a scientific basis. The color profile that is central to our services arose from the further development of Graves’ theories. No woolly fuss, no assumptions, but a scientifically founded and validated blueprint by the University of Amsterdam of each individual’s insights and motivations. Although Graves’ theories provide a familiar base, our team is the beating heart of the My Motivation Insights organization. It contributes with enthusiasm to ensure that the long scientific preliminary stage is transformed into an understanding that everybody can use immediately. Want to know more about Graves, the colors of the color profile or our team? Continue scrolling!

The beating heart


Team My Motivation Insights

Doritt - My Motivation Insights
Doritt: Commercial enterprising worker with experience in out-of-home and retail. Has feeling for the consumer and can, as a result, put herself in his position with respect to wishes and needs. An optimist with a lot of energy and a lot of motivation.


Jan-Kees: Result-oriented HR Director with extensive experience as a business partner in medium to large companies. Creativity and creation go hand in hand. Has work experience in innovation management, change processes, team building and leadership development.


Katrien- My Motivation Insights
Katrien: All-round, independent and decisive office manager with extensive experience in large and medium-sized businesses with a focus on HR support, recruitment, total support in recruitment and selection and personnel departments.


Rob- My Motivation Insights
Rob: Pragmatic manager with a broad experience in large and small companies. Both family businesses and multinationals. Has work experience in managing teams, change processes, integration processes, team building and coaching


Tim- My Motivation Insights
Tim: Enthusiastic marketing and communication expert. A creative, analytical and independent on-line specialist with the expertise of optimizing websites and expanding social media channels.

The colors

In our Business, Personal and Young Adult Profiles, everything revolves around seven colors. Each color represents a number of specific motivations, interests and character traits. Learn what the colors stand for and you get a wealth of information from your own profile and that of others. Each slide explains the essential points of each color. Positive and negative. Scroll & Learn!



Want to know more about the colors and how their meaning affects your daily life? Read all about the backgrounds. You can also get in contact with us. We would be pleased to answer your questions..



Explanation of the Color Profile

The report resulting from your profile clearly explains what your profile is and what it means in your case. The colors are also clearly and extensively discussed. But before applying for a profile, we can imagine that you would want to know how it works. That is why we explain it in a comprehensive way in this section. Contact us if you still have questions!




Each color bar in a profile represents a number of motivations. These can have a positive or negative effect on you. The higher a color rises above the horizontal line, the more important these motivations are for you. Your profile shows at a glance what items offer you the most support. Features and ways of thinking that are most important to you. Environments in which you feel most at ease and where you will be shown to advantage. All preconditions to maximize your talents.




Motivations that you think less important or you feel an aversion towards, have a negative impact. Your pitfalls. And it is useful to know where they are: below the horizontal black bar. Your profile explains in great detail what motivations are less important to you or to which you take a dislike. Now that you have identified where the pitfalls lie, you can avoid them. Of course, you do not always succeed. But the very fact that you recognize them will save a lot of negativity, wrong choices and conflicts.


Where do I get energy from?


Now for the white lines that you see in each bar. These represent the energy balance that you have in that color. If the line is above the black bar, this motivation will supply your energy. If it is below, it will cost you energy

The scientific basis

The Clare W. Graves’ theories put into practice

Carl G. Jung and Clarence W. Graves are at the basis of the development of all three My Motivation Insights color profiles. Graves has done more than twenty years of research into behavioural patterns. His conclusions: every person has a set of motivations that complement each other, but also conflict with each other. Each individual assigns a different weight to this set of values. Almost all patterns of behaviour can be explained by these conclusions.

Color your life!

Our color profiles are a visual translation of the behavioural patterns that concern you and how they affect your daily life. The questionnaire used is validated and ensures the correct representation of the blueprint of your inner self. It is the ultimate tool to create a more comfortable, more efficient and more focused working environment. Our Personal Profile allows relationships in your private life to become a lot clearer. Worldwide, millions of profiles have already been taken. Also in the Netherlands: we are already well over 175,000. On to a colorful, conflict-free society!