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How well do you know yourself? Why do you do things the way you do them? Are you in any doubt which way to continue with your study? The Young Adult Profile shows a perfect picture what your motivations are, what your talents are and where you are less good at.

Increasingly, also parents and schools understand the value of our test. Because your profile offers something to hold on to in different areas. What they are? Click and be surprised!

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How it works

Making the ultimate selfie lasts less than half an hour. If you decide to go for it, we take you directly by the hand and in four easy steps, you can immediately have a detailed map of your motivations and talents.

If you just click further, you will find a clear description of how to get hold of your profile. Simple, focused and transparent. With a stunning end result…

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Profiling & educational institutions

Getting students ready for the labour market nowadays implies much more than just transfer of knowledge. Stimulating and monitoring individual personal growth also plays an increasingly important role.

The Young Adult Profile is a useful tool to optimize individual coaching and guidance. Educational institutions increasingly know how to find us. With a durable and fruitful co-operation as a result.

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Profile & colors explained

Important to know: The color profile is far from woolly fuss. Graves' theories form the scientific basis. Each module that followed has been extensively tested so that our product could be validated in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

Your color profile gives you a lot of insights about who you are. Want to learn more about how you can 'read' a profile and what motivations are associated with the colors? Then continue reading a bit more...

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Our motivation

At the start in 2005, My Motivation Insights focused primarily on business. We discovered that many people do not or do not fully exploit their talents. A missed opportunity.

Our mission: give people the opportunity to learn at an early age where their strength lies. lay a solid foundation by offering guidance to make the right choices in private life, study and career. Straight forward. Right on target.

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Your profile: all insights at a glance

In addition to making the right choice of study, your Young Adult Profile offers more insights that you can use immediately in everyday life. We list the most appealing:

1. Get to know yourself better

If you read the report that clarifies your profile, you will be amazed at how much it applies to you. It also clearly explains why you react in certain situations. This provides surprising insights into who you are as a person. Because the selfie of your inner self will also give you a different look of yourself....

2. Learn to better understand your surroundings

In addition to the explanation of your profile, the fact is also discussed in the report that you feel misunderstood or even become irritated at people with a certain profile. You also learn why it is probably the case the other way around. The person in front of you is likely to be driven by motivations that evokes your negative energy.

3. Learn to assess situations better

When you combine points one and two, you can assess many situations a lot better. You know why you react at a certain moment, and you know why the person (or persons) in front of you has a certain way of doing things. This will give you a head start. Not just at school or at work. Also, you will be able to assess situations in your private life, or even in your love life, a lot better.

4. Make the correct choice of study and career

Choosing a study (with an associated career) is one of the most important choices in your life. This heavy decision relies on knowing what your motivations are, where your talents lie and what you are less good at. These are the basis of your decision. We not only give you the tools to build this foundation. Using our StudieMatchmaker®, we also give you specific advice on what study or training best suits you.

Step by Step

A map of yourself in half an hour

The profile of your colorful self is within reach. In four simple steps you will receive your profile directly in your mailbox. Including a report with notes and explanations.


  • Click on the eye and ask for your profile. This is also possible here.
  • Answer the questions. Remember that there is no 'right' or 'wrong'. It is not a test.
  • After answering the questions, you will immediately receive your profile - with report - in your mailbox.
  • And if you still have questions? Live chat, email or call our Young Adult Team!


We cannot emphasize it enough: it is very important that you really answer the questions according to how you feel. Not according to how you think. It is about you. Only then you will get a precise map of what is important to you...






Let's Team up!

A solid partner for educational institutions

A well-founded motivation is the strongest foundation to conclude a study successfully. The logical consequence of a deliberate choice is a career in which all talents are fully utilized. There is also an important task here for educational institutions. The Young Adult Profile is the proven perfect tool to clarify this important choice. Both in educational and business life.

Everything revolves around self-knowledge. Only when interests, talents and pitfalls are clear, can you rely 100% on the choice made. Well founded, no assumptions. The Young Adult color is a fast and most familiar way to gain self-insight. Based on strong science, it is the only one validated and specifically developed for young people.

As previously mentioned, an increasingly wide variety of educational institutions are using our services. We are therefore certain that the Young Adult Profile will also mean an absolute added value for you in the support of students. Want to know more? Contact us. We are pretty sure we can convince you of the strength of a profile when making important decisions…

Some of the most used applications:

Individual use: During intake or assessment (can I bring in every student?), introductory tool, mapping educational career, portfolio, personal coaching, help with choice of career

Use in a group: getting to know each other, composing work/education groups, co-operating during (graduation) assignment, conflict management, communicating more effectively, giving feedback, assessing color profiles of others

Use for education: part of curriculum, communication, leadership, sales and contact management. In addition to knowledge, what will the training provide to students?

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Your profile and colors


How to 'read' a Young Adult Profile? We will explain it in a comprehensive way. And if you still have questions, just contact us!


prof plus

Each color bar in a profile represents a number of motivations. These can have a positive or negative effect on you. The higher a color rises above the horizontal line, the more important these motivations are for you. Your profile shows at a glance what items offer you the most support. Features and ways of thinking that are most important to you. Environments in which you feel most at ease and where you will be shown to advantage. All preconditions to maximize your talents.


prof neg

Motivations that you think less important or you feel an aversion towards, have a negative impact. Your pitfalls. And it is useful to know where they are: below the horizontal black bar. Your profile explains in great detail what motivations are less important to you or to which you take a dislike. Now that you have identified where the pitfalls lie, you can avoid them. Of course, you do not always succeed. But the very fact that you recognize them will save a lot of negativity, wrong choices and conflicts.




Now for the white lines that you see in each bar. These represent the energy balance that you have in that color. If the line is above the black bar, this motivation supplies your energy. If it is below, it will cost you energy



Now you know how to read your color profile, it is high time we showed you what each color stands for. Click through the colors to see their properties. Positive and negative.

Do you want to know more about the colors? Read about the backgrounds here. You can also get in contact with us!


This Is Us

We are ready to go!

We thought it was not possible, but the team of My Motivation Insights is still excited when we get feedback from our users. The development of our profile maker took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But the result is amazing.

We are aware that if you are completely new to the matter, there may be quite a few questions. You will find most answers on this website. Please contact us if you prefer the personal approach. We are waiting for you!



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